Limited Commercial License
Hey, Let's Make Stuff

Limited Commercial License

Regular price $10.00 $0.00 Unit price per

This listing is for one commercial license to make physical units for sale.

There are three levels to this license:

  • Level 1: Up to 50 Units - $10
  • Level 2: Up to 200 Units - $20
  • Level 3: Up to 500 Units - $30

When you download any of my files (paid or free), it is licensed for personal use. You may use the files to create items for personal use or gifts as many times as you like with no additional cost.

If you make and sell any hand-crafted items using my files, you need to purchase a commercial license. With Level 1 of this license, you are limited to making up to 50 items for sale. You may upgrade this license at any time if you decide to make more items.

This license applies to any ONE file you intend to use in projects for sale. Two files require the purchase of two separate licenses; three require the purchase of three licenses, etc.

You may not use my designs in a way that reflects poorly on the Hey Let's Make Stuff brand.

Under NO circumstances may you share, sell, or otherwise redistribute the actual digital files in their original format.

This listing does not include any files, you are only purchasing the Limited Commercial User License.

If you have any questions, please our customer service team at